Starting Over: Rethinking Craft Projects

Happy New Year 2023! I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday season and are ready for a fresh start. If you are like me and you have a slew of projects that you never completed last year, or the year before that, nor the years before those, then you should continue to readContinue reading “Starting Over: Rethinking Craft Projects”

December Blog Challenge: Holiday Theme-Things That Shine

It’s time for the last and final blog challenge of the year. This month we are focusing on holiday themed projects that speak to your heart. Bring out your favorite mediums, fabrics, embellishments, found objects or whatever you have on hand and create something amazing. Feel free to post your creations on the Multimedia Crafts DigitalContinue reading “December Blog Challenge: Holiday Theme-Things That Shine”

November Blog challenge 2022: Thanksgiving Themed | Mixed Media

Now that the leaves are falling and turkeys are gobbling those attributes puts us into a Thanksgiving mood.  So, let’s create something with that theme.  Make anything that reminds you of this holiday season.  You can use as many mixed media items in your project as you like.  Feel free to post your creations onContinue reading “November Blog challenge 2022: Thanksgiving Themed | Mixed Media”

October Blog Challenge 2022: Fall Themed

Are you ready to get your spook on?  This month’s challenge includes prompts that focus on anything related to fall.  You can create Halloween themed projects, fall fashion, recipes, autumn sceneries or whatever comes to mind with a fall vibe.  Follow along if you would like to and post your creations on the Multimedia Crafts DigitalContinue reading “October Blog Challenge 2022: Fall Themed”

September 2022 Blog Challenge: Back To School Theme

Now that summer is nearly over we can play with some crafts that represent people going back to school.  Use your imagination and don’t hold back.  Think of people, items, places, and ideas that remind you of your higher learning experiences.  Make your project as hard or as easy as you like.  Follow along ifContinue reading “September 2022 Blog Challenge: Back To School Theme”

August Blog Challenge| Beach Theme: Organics

It’s time for some end of summer projects.  For the month of August we will be making some leisurely,  beach style creations.  Think of all the elements you find at the beach.  From seashells, sand, and water to umbrellas, sunglasses, and cold drinks, try to Include some of these depictions in your craft.   Follow alongContinue reading “August Blog Challenge| Beach Theme: Organics”

July Blog Challenge| Vacation Theme : Colors

It’s time for some fun vacation themed projects.  For the month of July we will be making some leisurely,  sunny style creations.  Think of places you have been to or even want to go, yet haven’t visited.  What types of things do you enjoy doing while on your vacations?  Include some of these responses inContinue reading “July Blog Challenge| Vacation Theme : Colors”

June Blog Challenge | Father’s Day Theme : Paper Dying Technique

Are you ready to create some fun paternal projects for June?  This month’s challenge is focusing on Father’s Day with a masculine ambience to it.   Follow along if you would like to and post your creations on the Multimedia Crafts Digital Facebook page. You may choose 3 items from the prompt list below. June -Father’sContinue reading “June Blog Challenge | Father’s Day Theme : Paper Dying Technique”

March 2022 Blog Challenge & Giveaway| Spring Theme: Decoupage

It is now time for the fun to continue with the month of March challenge.  The craft I made for this activity is going to be part of a YouTube giveaway on my channel, “Artsy Solutions.”   It is a journal insert with many pockets, tucks, and plenty of ephemera.  It follows in the theme forContinue reading “March 2022 Blog Challenge & Giveaway| Spring Theme: Decoupage”

November 2021 Blog Train Freebie

Get ready to accent photos of your family, friends, and festivities of the fall season.  Take pictures of your turkey,  assuming you are able to acquire one during these times of supply shortages.  Capture memories of your trips to the mountains, or beautiful foliage mirages from various landscapes. Wherever you get your images from youContinue reading “November 2021 Blog Train Freebie”


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